Why WordPress Is Leading CMS (2021)

What is CMS?

CMS – CMS stands For Content Management System. CMS is a software program or set of various tools, using which a common user can easily create a website without even knowing to code, and can manage their digital content.

Websites are created using CMS applications, and digital content is generated, managed, stored, and published.

In earlier times, you needed to have knowledge of coding to prepare a website. if you know to code, then only you could create your website, which has now been completely changed by the CMS platform.

Now Content Management System (CMS) instead of coding shows you a User-Friendly Interface, which you can easily manage according to you, and CMS does all the coding work for you. Through CMS, multiple users can generate, manage and publish digital content at the same time.

If said in one sentence, CMS is that software tool, using which you can create a website without any coding knowledge and can manage and publish your digital content.

Top 3 CMS In 2021

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WordPress Introduction


WordPress is an online open-source website-building tool written using the PHP programming language. If we said in today’s time, then this is the easiest and most powerful blogging website content management system. Thousands of themes and plugins are available to manage the website in this content management system.

Every day this question is searched on the internet that what is WordPress? So let me tell you that this is an open-source website-making tool that works to create an online website.

It is written in PHP and MySQL, was created by Matt Mullenweg, and was launched as open-source on 27 May 2003.

Why WordPress Is Leading CMS?

1. Easy To Use

WordPress comes with a user-friendly interface and it is very easy to use. If you are a beginner and don’t have coding knowledge, don’t worry, you can start a fully functional site in minutes using WordPress as it requires no coding.

After creating your site, you can customize the content, customize the site design and install plugins to add extra features.

But if you are an advanced user then this is a very powerful platform for you. On this, you can easily customize any type of element, all you need is coding knowledge.

2. Wide Range Of Plugins

Why WordPress Is Leading CMS?

WordPress plugins allow you to add extra features to your site. Also, if a problem occurs on your site, you can use the plugin.

WordPress is a lake of plugins that provides 55,000+ free plugins for your site. However, here we have not mentioned the premium plugin. If you want to add a feature to your site, there are plugins available. By using the plugin, you can add contact forms, improve SEO and increase the loading speed of your WordPress site.

3. Wide Range Of Themes

Why WordPress Is Leading CMS?

WordPress theme is your site design. It comes with lots of premium and free themes and each theme offers its own customization features. Premium themes come with unlimited support and features. Whereas the free WordPress theme provides limited support and features.

But I do not say that free themes are not good. You can get a good free theme for your site from the WordPress repository which is trusted. For Paid Themes, you can use Mythemshop, Themeforest, and StudioPress.

If you install a null theme from an untrusted site or on your site, your site may be hacked or your site traffic may be redirected elsewhere.

4. WordPress Security

WordPress is built with the best security so that no one can attack your site. Its security is updated frequently. Apart from this, there are many security plugins in the WordPress repository which make your WordPress site even more secure.

Wordfence Security is the most popular plugin in the WordPress repository. It is available in both free and paid versions. The free versions provide basic security protection, while the paid versions provide unlimited security options on your site.

5. Big Community

There are many community forums and blogs available to support the WordPress site. Also if any problem occurs with your site, you will find many guides in different blogs and communities.

WordPress has big community support. But still, you are not able to solve your problem, then you can hire a developer.


WordPress is the best CMS available in the market. If You are going to start a blog website then WordPress is the best choice. If you learn how to make a website in WordPress you are also going to start money using freelancing. There are many CMS But WordPress is the best Content management system ever. This CMS also helps You to make your e-commerce website very easily.

If You gain some extra knowledge then share this post and if you have any Problems regarding WordPress Then comment down below I will help you.


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