What is Java?- Uses, Example, Features, Types 2022.

What is Java?- Uses, Example, Features, Types 2022.

Friends welcome back! The Java language will be discussed in today’s article.

The Java programming language is used to create many of the applications on your mobile phone right now. Java is now so widely utilized that it can be found practically anywhere, whether it is being used to develop a web application or a mobile application.

But what exactly is the Java programming language? What is the point of it? Is it possible to create a mobile application using Java? There are a few questions that we will learn about today.

Without spending any time, let us first define Java.

What is Java?

Invented YearMay 23, 1995; 26 years ago
Developed ByJames Gosling
DeveloperOracle Corporation
Filename extensions.java, .class, .jar, .jmod
Official Websitewww.java.com
What is java?

Java is a platform-independent general-purpose programming language that includes C and C++ features as well as some new ones. It has a syntax that is similar to C and C++.

Sun Microsystems developed Java, which is a high-level, object-oriented, and highly secure programming language. Java is now used in social media apps, audio and video apps, and so on.

Java is a platform-independent, class-based programming language that allows us to run written programs on any platform. Platform refers to the operating system that allows our computer to run programs and applications.

Java’s slogan is “JAVA is Everywhere,” which is also true; Java is used almost everywhere nowadays, whether to create application software or any other type of software.

We can easily run the byte code that is received in any platform after compiling the code written in Java language once.

JVM software is used to run the byte code generated by the compilation of Java code, and it is installed on the computer where the Java program will be run.

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Uses of Java

  • The Java language helps us create enterprise software.
  • Java is used in data analytics.
  • Scientific computing applications are written in Java.
  • Android apps are written in the Java programming language.
  • Java is also used in server-side software such as Apache, JBoss, and GlassFish.
  • It’s used to make web-based programming and software for mobile devices.
  • This programming language was used to create all of Android’s operating systems, including KitKat, Lolipop, and Oreo.
  • Only Java allows you to fill out online forms and use an online calculator.

How Java Program Code is Run or Execute

The Java Virtual Machine is an Abstract Computing Machine that runs the code in this language. This is extremely important for you to comprehend.

Java Virtual Machine

JVM is its abbreviated form. It’s a virtual computer that can run any Java application. Source code refers to the code that is written when a program is written.

By compiling this source code with Java Compiler, byte code is generated. This Byte Code is run on the JVM. The JAVA Interpreter is a component of the JVM that executes the same program.

One thing to keep in mind is that the JVM is already installed on all computers that run the Java program. As a result, this code works on all computers. Java is a Platform Independent Language as a result of this. All other programming languages’ compilers are used to generate code.

They both generate for the same system and run on it. The byte code generated by the Java compiler, on the other hand, is for the JVM.
This program runs on every computer because JVM is installed throughout the system. This allows the operating system to run Virtual Machine code.

Examples of Java

To Print Hello World

// This program displays "Hello world!"
// References:
// https://introcs.cs.princeton.edu/java/11hello/HelloWorld.java.html

class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello world!");


Hello world!

Features of Java

  • Java is a platform-independent programming language, which means that once compiled, its programs can run on any platform.
  • Java is a programming language that focuses on objects.
  • Java is a straightforward and safe programming language.
  • Java is a programming language that can be used anywhere.
  • It’s a sturdily constructed programming language.

Types of Java

Web Application

A web-based application refers to the process of creating a server-side web application. Servlets, JSPs, Struts, and JSF are all used to create web applications nowadays.

Standalone Application

This includes both desktop and mobile applications. These are the applications that we use on a daily basis. Media Player, Antivirus, MS Office, and Browsers are just a few examples. AWT and SWING make it simple to create standalone applications.

Enterprise Application

In many enterprise applications, Java is the only programming language available. Because it ensures a high level of protection. Banking software, industry applications, accounting applications, and other enterprise applications all use EJB (Enterprise Java Bean).

Mobile Application

You should be aware that this language is used to create all of the games and applications you use on your mobile device. Java programming is used to create all of the apps in the Google Playstore.

History of Java

The evolution of Java as a programming language is fascinating. James Gosling and his team, also known as the Green Team, created the Java programming language in 1991. James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton were among the cast members.

They were all previously employed by Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems was a software development company that created software for its clients, but they needed to do different coding to run the same software on different machines, so they created Java. Which is platform agnostic and can run on any operating system.

James Gosling is known as the Father of Java Language or the Inventor of Java Language because he created the Java language in 1995.

James Gosling

Father of Java Language
Born 19 May 1955 age(66)
AwardsIEEE John von Neumann Medal, Tsutomu Kanai Award
EducationsCarnegie Mellon University, University of Calgary, William Aberhart High School
Known forJava (programming language)

One of the main developers of JAVA is James Gosling. Java is currently used in Internet programming, mobile devices, games, and e-business solutions.

The Java Language Project was founded in 1991 by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton. Green Team was the name of the engineering team he had formed to work on this project. This language’s code is written in C.
GreenTalk was the name given to the language by James Gosling, and the file extension was .gt. Its name was later changed to Oak.

Java Versions

Java VersionsRelease Date
JDK Alpha and Beta1995
JDK 1.023rd Jan 1996
JDK 1.119th Feb 1997
J2SE 1.28th Dec 1998
J2SE 1.38th May 2000
J2SE 1.46th Feb 2002
J2SE 5.030th Sep 2004
Java SE 611th Dec 2006
Java SE 728th July 2011
Java SE 818th Mar 2014
Java SE 921st Sep 2017
Java SE 1020th Mar 2018
JAVA SE 1125th Sep 2018
JAVA SE 1219th Mar 2019
JAVA SE 1317th Sep 2019
JAVA SE 1417th Mar 2020
JAVA SE 1515th Sep 2020 
JAVA SE 1616th March 2021 (latest Java Version)

Applications of Java

  • In banks, Java is used for things like money transactions.
  • In the development of desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Media Player, and antivirus software.
  • It’s a programming language that’s used in web applications.
  • It’s a programming language that’s used in business applications.
  • Java is a programming language that is used to create mobile applications.
  • Java is used in the development of smart cards and embedded systems.


After reading today’s article, I hope you have a better understanding of the Java programming language. What is its purpose of it? All of the relevant information will have been discovered, and you will not need to look for it elsewhere.

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