Some of the most formidable and potent characters in Marvel Comics can be found in the X-Men. They are a group of fearsome mutant heroes that have drawn the wrath of human authorities while defending them from monster villains. The team is as frightening as they come.

All Of Cable's Potential Powers Belonged To Stryfe.

Emplate Is A Vampiric Mutant Monster

Jamie Braddock's Reality-Altering Powers Are Terrifying

Legion's Powers Made Him A Frightening Foe

The Shadow King's Telepathic Might Has Endangered The World

Cassandra Nova Killed Millions Of Mutant

Nimrod Can Easily End The Mutant Race

Proteus's Reality Altering Power Is Terrifying

Onslaught Is A Powerful X-Men Villain

Mister Sinister Will Do Anything To Increase His Genetics Knowledge