We all know that many restaurants have had it tough during the epidemic, but none more so than those that offer consumers distinctive dine-in experiences, like Hooters.

While a decline in revenues over the previous year has compelled the saloon chain to change some of its strategies (like taking their new fast-casual chain bigger)

1. Hooters servers have to wear makeup.

The ladies who work at Hooters are required to wear makeup, but it must be natural, Kayla says. Kayla comments, pointing to her charcoal eyeshadow, "The makeup I'm wearing right now wouldn't be OK for work."

2. Hooters servers have to wear their hair styled at work.

No top knots with dry shampoo for this crew. According to Kayla, Hooters waitresses must get their hair done. If it is colored, it must be in a tone that is natural. (Definitely different from some of the older servers!)

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3. Hooters servers have to be female-friendly.

When serving male-female couples at Hooters, Kayla explains, "No one wants to make the girl feel like we're trying to get with her guy."

They are therefore taught to stay away from the male in these circumstances. (Although, just us, we're not convinced Hooters is the ideal location for a romantic night.)

4. Hooters does not consider their employees to be "servers."

Hooters staff are apparently not regarded as servers even if they provide you with food and beverages. Because we put on the outfit and play a certain role, Kayla continues, "we are seen as entertainers."

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5. That position is to be the "American cheerleader" or "girl next door."