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The X-Men's 10 Scariest Villains
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The 10 Scariest Villains from the X-Men

Some of the sturdiest and most potent figures in Marvel Comics can be found in the X-Men. The squad is as ominous as they come; a band of fearsome mutant heroes who have angered human authorities by
In this photo illustration a Netflix logo seen displayed on
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The Top 10 Animated Series on Netflix

Netflix's animation programming has a bleak future. Netflix announced this past April that it would be significantly reducing its animated programming, despite an intriguing exhibition at the Annecy I
Best Online Coding Bootcamps
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Best Online Coding Bootcamps (2022)

As the popularity of coding bootcamps grows, many people are turning to online programmes to help them move into new careers. Computers are now interwoven in practically every element of a business’s
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The 10 Best Movies for Programmers [2022]

A programmer’s job can be stressful, with long hours of concentrating on detailed lines of code and multiple user stories to take care of. But in order to remain sane, sometimes you need to step away