How to learn coding free

How to learn coding free

Hello folks, today we are going to know how to learn coding for free with the help of which you can learn coding online at home for free.

If you are interested in learning to code, or you want to learn web designing or web development, but you do not have that much money to buy a paid course online. Read the post till the last I will tell you about How to learn coding free

In today’s time, there are many such websites on the internet from where you can learn coding online for free, I will tell you where and how you can start learning coding in an effective way.

Best Platform To learn coding Free.

Youtube 4.2/5 Visit
FreeCodeCamp 4.3/5 Visit
Udemy 4.4/5 Visit

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How to learn coding free

edX is a large provider of open online courses. It offers free online university-level courses. edX is a non-profit organization that runs on open-source software. edX was firstly launched in 2012 May by MIT and Harvard. It provides online university-level courses in a variety of fields to a global student base, including some free courses.


How to learn coding free

Youtube is a totally free platform where you can learn anything such as programming, ethical hacking, Graphic designing, etc. Many videos of the same topic are made on YouTube so users can easily find out the best tutorial For themselves. In my opinion, youtube is the best platform to learn anything.


How to learn coding free

FreeCodeCamp is a platform for learning JavaScript and related technologies (ReactJs, NodeJs, etc..). It’s sort of like an online boot camp where you have to motivate yourself.

The course is designed in such a manner that it is simple for a non-technical person to begin learning web development. It guides you through front-end development and then back-end development, with a concentration on the most recent JS technology.

The thing I enjoyed about this online boot camp is that it does not teach you everything you need to know for the certifications, but it does push you to learn everything you need to know to be a full stack developer while working through their projects.


How to learn coding free

Udemy is an online learning marketplace with around 100000+ courses and 24+ million students who do online learning from udemy. Here some courses are for free and for some courses you have to pay.

There are many such courses here that you can learn for free. If you are a beginner then you should choose a free course because even in the free course you get to know about many things.

And whenever you feel that you are not getting to learn much in the free course, then you can also buy the course and learn advanced things which are told in the free course but advance things are not told in it.

If you want to learn the programming language, then you can learn from udemy, you will get some courses in programming language for free and you will have to pay money for whatever course of programming language is popular.

Every course on Udemy is divided into different categories like if you want to learn Graphic Design then you have to go into the categories of design and if you want to learn web development then you have to go into the categories of development, similarly every course has different categories. It is so that it is easy for the student to understand and find it.

how you can start learning coding in an effective way.

There are the following steps which are going to help you:

Step 1. Choose any programming language

To gain expertise in programming languages, you first need to understand a programming language. There are numerous programming languages available on the market. Every programming language has its meaning. You should choose a language that is easier for novice programmers to learn. For example, C, C++, Python.

Step 2. Study the language

After choosing a suitable programming language, look at its characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, applications, and career opportunities. The characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of a language will let you know how much it is better than other languages. At the same time, applications and career opportunities will let you understand the importance and career of the language in the market.

Step 3. Collect learning materials

In my case, so far, you have decided on your professional programming language. Now, it’s time to master the knowledge in it. Although books are the best way to learn. But when it comes to programming, practical insights become equally important. Search the Internet for the best tutorials in the programming language of your choice.

In addition to online tutorials on the Internet, try to search for tutorials on YouTube. Learning through video will enable you to better understand these concepts. Don’t forget to refer to at least one book.

Step 4. Start learning from the core

No matter what programming language you choose to learn, start learning from its core. Don’t skip the basics of it. The reason for this is that if you do not have any solid technical foundation, you may face many difficulties in learning its advanced topics.

Step 5. Carry out the actual implementation

As mentioned above, in programming, practical insights are as important as theoretical insights. Keep practicing. Try to divide your study time evenly into two parts. One is a theory, and the other is a practical operation. Consistent coding is the key to success. Fix multiple programs regularly for coding.

In addition, deal with as many items as possible. Projects are the best way to try your knowledge. They will also improve the value of your resume.

So, these are the steps I took to become a good programmer. I hope this strategy can help you


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