Golang vs Python

Golang vs Python

We’ll compare Golang vs Python in this post, and by the end of it, you’ll know whether to choose Python or Golang for your next software project.

Websites can now be built using a variety of programming languages. Two advanced web languages are Python and Golang.

 Golang was created by Google developers to improve productivity and address flaws in the development process caused by other programming languages. As you may know, Golang is a newer programming language than Python.

In simple words, if you’re working with data and your audience is people, Python is the way to go. Use Golang if you’re dealing with a server. So let’s start our comparison between Golang and Python.

What Is Golang?

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Go is a Google-developed open-source programming language. It’s a compiled language with statically typed variables. This language provides for synchronous programming and the execution of numerous processes at the same time.

This is accomplished through the use of channels, goroutines, and other techniques. Go contains a garbage collector that maintains memory and allows jobs to be deferred.

What Is Python?

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First appeared20 February 1991; 30 years ago
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Python is an open-source and high-level programming language. It is open source in the sense that its use is completely free, and its source code is accessible to anyone who wishes to make changes. Python is the most widely used programming language today.

It is a very simple language in comparison to other programming languages, allowing developers to easily translate its code because its syntax is unique and simple to use.

Python language is being used for Web Development, Software Development, App Development, System Scripting, Big Data Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, etc.

The Python programming language was created and implemented in 1980.
Guido Van Rossum began his career at CWI in the Netherlands in December 1989.

Why use GO language?

  • Golang is a powerful and dependable programming language with several built-in error handling features.
  • It’s quick, compiling to just one binary.
  • Speed, Go improves service availability and reliability.
  • Speed, Go increases the availability and dependability of services.
  • Golang is simple to learn and adapt to, allowing developers to get up and running quickly.

Why use Python language?

  • Python is an object-oriented programming language with a lot of functionality.
  • Python comes with a huge standard library that allows it to handle a wide range of programming tasks.
  • Python is a portable programming language that can run on a wide range of operating systems and platforms.
  • Python code is less difficult to produce and debug than code written in other programming languages. As a result, maintaining its source code is relatively simple.

Golang Vs Python

It’s a concurrent programming-based procedural programming language.It’s an object-oriented, high-level programming language.
Go is statically typed languagPython Dynamically typed language
More concerned with being a system language.More emphasis on web application development.
It is compatible with Goroutines and channels.Goroutines and channels are not supported.
It is a language that is statically typed. As a result, the compiler is used.It is a language that is dynamically typed. As a result, the interpreter is used.
It has a higher verbosity than Python.It’s not as verbose as Go.
28.5 K Github stars67.5 K Github stars.
The average salary for a Go developer is $64,089 per year.In the United States, the average salary for a Python Developer is $120,359 per year.

Features of Go

  • Open-source project
  • Features powerful standard library
  • Goroutines provide simple concurrency support.
  • Includes a robust standard library.
  • Great libraries
  • Easy and readable code

Features of Python

  • It’s simple to learn, read, and keep up with.
  • It can run on a variety of hardware platforms and has a consistent user interface.
  • Large programmes benefit from Python’s structure and assistance.
  • Python has built-in support for garbage collection.
  • It allows you to test and troubleshoot in an interactive fashion.

Disadvantages of GO

  • Go is not a general-purpose programming language.
  • Lack Library Support
  • There is no officially supported Go SDK for API integration.
  • Management of Fragmented Dependency

Disadvantage of Python

  • Because mobile computing is lacking, it is not used in app development.
  • Fewer platforms support it.
  • Because Python is dynamic, it displays more errors during execution.
  • Commercial support is not available.


As you’ve seen, both Golang and Python have advantages but more people turn to Golang for backend and front-end development, it seems like joining the movement is the right choice. Golang is one of the most popular programming languages on the market right now.


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