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Free Java course for beginners – The demand for programming languages is extremely high in today’s world. Your senses will fly away if I tell you something interesting.

Java code is currently used in over 300,000 electronic devices. You can guess how popular this programming language is based on this.

It is still used in all of your smartphones as well as electronic devices such as air conditioners, ovens, smart televisions, and digital refrigerators.

Different parts of some Automated Industries’ equipment are programmed. It is critical to learn Java if you want to learn Android programming.

Free Java course for beginners
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What is java?

Java is a programming language that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are used in the development of software and applications. Java is a programming language with a high level of abstraction.

This is a platform-agnostic language. You can run the code on any platform or operating system.

All of the codes are written in English rather than numerical codes. The written codes are simple to comprehend.

It was included in the High-Level Language because of this. It is based on the concept of Oops. The fundamentals of the C++ programming language were used in this.

That is, Compiled Java Code can run on any platform that supports Java without the need to recompile it.

You’ve probably noticed that when you run a web application, programme, or piece of software on your computer, the message Java Not Installed appears.

This is due to the fact that many applications and websites are written in Java and cannot function without it.

What is the use of Java?

There is only one goal for this computer programming language. Any code that is written should be able to run on all computers.

Regardless of whether those two machines are identical or not, that is to say, whatever operating system they are running (Windows or Mac)

It’s used to make web-based programming and software for mobile devices. This programming language was used to create all of Android’s operating systems, including KitKat, Lolipop, and Oreo.

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Features of Java

The features that make it such a popular and useful programming language are the reason for its popularity.

Java is the first programming language (language) that is not tied to any hardware or any operating system, Java is a Platform Independent Programming Language.

  • It’s a simple and direct programming language.
  • With the help of Java You are able to make various types of Software
  • It is a safe and secure programming language
  • Java is a fast programming language
  • It is also Dynamic Programming Language
  • Java Can do more than one task
  • Creates a format that is architecturally neutral.
  • It’s very portable because it’s Platform Independent.

Java Versions History

Jdk Beta1995
Jdk 1.0 23 January 1996
Jdk 1.1  19 February 1997
J2SE 1.28 December 1998
J2SE 1.3 8 May 2000
J2SE 1.46 February 2002
J2SE 5.030 September 2004
Java SE 6 11 December 2006
Java SE 77 July 2011
Java SE 818 March 2014
Java SE 9 9 August 2017
Java SE 10 20 March 2018
Java Versions History

Java designed by

Java was created by Sun Microsystems’ James Gosling and released in May 1995 as a core component of Sun Microsystems’ Java platform.

History of Java

Best Programmers In the world 2021

It all began with the Green Team. The Green Team was the name given to the Java team members. This group’s sole goal was to develop an Advance Concept language that could be programmed into electronic devices like set-top boxes and televisions.

It was a cutting-edge concept at the time. However, it proved to be more beneficial to the Internet in the future. With Netscape, it got this technology after a while.

Java is a programming language that was developed in 1995 by a company called Sun Microsystems.

Java was created by James Gosling and his fellow Computer Scientist friends, and Sun Microsystems prepared a plan to build the Operating System using the C++ programming language.

However, James Gosling was dissatisfied with the C++ programming language.

Free Java Course for Beginners

Skillup by Simplilearn (With Certificate)


This free Java course is designed to give you a solid foundation in Java development as well as job-ready skills. Learn how to use the JDBC and JUnit frameworks, as well as the fundamental Java 8 operators, arrays, loops, methods, and constructors.

This programme is ideal for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of Java and launching a career as a Java developer.

Java Basic Skills you will learn

  • Core Java 8 concepts
  • Java EE
  • Java Servlet
  • SOA and web services
  • Multithreading string handling exception handling techniques
  • Hibernate and Spring frameworks

Free Java Udemy Course


Java is a programming language that you can learn to use. This course assumes no prior programming experience, only a desire to learn.


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