Best Online Coding Bootcamps (2022)

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (2022)

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (2022)– The number of online coding bootcamps offering to boost your programming career has recently skyrocketed. This is unsurprising given the high demand for web developers, despite economic ups and downs. Simply looking at web developer wages demonstrates why so many people desire to change careers.

As the popularity of coding bootcamps grows, many people are turning to online programmes to help them move into new careers. Computers are now interwoven in practically every element of a business’s operations.

What is Online Bootcamps?

A coding bootcamp is a comprehensive training programme that prepares students for professions in technology. Bootcamps provide an alternative to standard college programmes by focusing on practical workplace skills such as learning computer languages such as Python, Java, and C#. While numerous independent companies organize bootcamps, students can also attend college-affiliated bootcamps.

Online coding bootcamps are frequently regarded as the quickest and most accessible choice for aspiring web developers. This is due to the fact that you can learn wherever you want, without having to live near a school. Remote education also allows you to learn whenever you want, as many programmes are designed for asynchronous study.

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (2022)

  1. CareerFoundry
  2. Fullstack Academy
  3. Flatiron School
  4. Wild Code School
  5. Coding Dojo
  6. Devmountain
  7. General Assembly
  8. Springboard

1. Careerfoundry

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Careerfoundry) (2022)
Duration:16 weeks (up to 28 weeks part-time)

Career Foundry is a website that helps you learn how to become a user interface and user experience designer, a web developer, or a data analyst. It allows you to study whenever and wherever you want.

You’ll learn through a hands-on, project-based curriculum that culminates in a fully-fledged professional portfolio. They also provide an employment guarantee, with 96 percent of qualifying grads obtaining a job in technology within six months of graduation.

2. Fullstack Academy

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Careerfoundry) (2022)
Duration:17 weeks (can be up to 28)

Fullstack’s bootcamp, which follows a project-based framework, aims for you to depart with four projects in your portfolio by the conclusion. They provide a variety of coding classes, with a focus on pair programming, which is a valuable concept for web developers.

It allows you to attend classes from any location. Students can get a complete classroom experience by using this website.

3. Flatiron School

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Flatiron School) (2022)
Duration:15 weeks (20, 40, or 60 weeks possible)

Flatiron School is an online learning platform that offers courses in data science, coding, and cybersecurity. You can easily enroll in such classes and gain in-depth expertise.

Students benefit from essential career services such as tailored career counseling and one-on-one advising sessions regardless of how they complete the programme. Flatiron School also has industry contacts with employers all around the United States. Alumni have used these services to get positions at firms such as Facebook, Apple, and Kickstarter, among others.

4. Wild Code School

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Wild code school) (2022)
Duration: 20 weeks

WCS’s full-time web developer remote programme will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Node.js in 5 months. They offer a part-time front-end development programme, as well as a free introductory course and employability coaching in French.

5. Coding Dojo

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Coding dojo) (2022)
Duration:14 weeks
Cost: $15,995

Coding Dojo is an online bootcamp that gives pupils real-world experience. It is one of the most popular online coding bootcamps, with courses in software development, data science, and mobile development. Students can study full-time or part-time in such programs.

According to Coding Dojo, 89% of its 2019 grads found work in the sector within 180 days of finishing the programme. Google, Microsoft, Uber, Adobe, Oracle, and many other companies have hired alumni.

6. Devmountainol

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Devmountain) (2022)
Cost: $4,500 (starting from)

DevMountain is an online learning platform for software development, design, and testing. The curriculum is geared for a specific field of study. Through internet teleconferencing, it offers live seminars.

Since 2013, Devmountain has offered bootcamps and has graduated over 3,000 students. All bootcamps provide career assistance, such as résumé writing and interview practice. Devmountain provides students with a variety of scholarships and discloses student outcomes on its website.

7. General Assembly

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (General Assembly) (2022)
Duration:12 weeks (24 weeks part-time)

General Assembly is a coding bootcamp that takes place entirely online. You can choose from three options on the site: full-time, part-time, or online. North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia are all supported by this learning site.

Scholarships and an income-share agreement are available through General Assembly to assist students in paying for their education.

8. Springboard

Best Online Coding Bootcamps (Springboard) (2022)
Duration:36 weeks

Springboard is an online learning platform that prepares students for the most in-demand occupations in the IT industry by offering complete, mentor-led online programs in software engineering, data science, UI/UX design, cybersecurity, and other fields.

Springboard connects students with experts that can assist them in succeeding in the course and finding jobs, such as a student advisor, personal mentor, and career coach. Mentors can be found at organizations such as Uber, Amazon, and Verizon.


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