About Us

About us

What is EnrollMind.com ?

EnrollMind.com is a website that helps you to Develop Your mind.

We are giving you our best knowledge kit such as Source code and Free Courses to grow your mind. All These Resources Provided By Us are totally free. Our Team Provides You with the Best Content to develop yourself.

EnrollMind is started to share our knowledge and our experience with you. Our Website gives you the latest updates and news about programming if you follow our website then you are going to know some new things about programming, WordPress, Hosting, and much more.

Who is Kundan Kumar?

Kundan Kumar is a Passionate Blogger and WordPress developer. He is the founder of EnrollMind.com and also contributes to its content. He is also the co-founder of QuestionTrend.com.

He is committed to keeping his targeted audience updated on the content that could be helpful for them. He always helps people to know about new things on the internet.

Who is Chandan Kumar?

Chandan Kumar is the Co-Founder And Author of Enrollmind. He is 19 Year old Blogger as well as a Full Stack Developer.

He also helps to write content on EnrollMind.